The impact and advantages of Push Notifications

Breaking news apps have been using push notifications heavily for a long time. Messaging apps can’t work without them. And apps with geo-location-based services are slowly exploiting their potential: push notifications have taken a permanent place in the spectrum of app communication functions. It is not surprising, since the benefits range from a low price, through a direct channel to users, to the independence of personal data such as telephone numbers or email addresses. Push is “Personal Anonymous”.

The impact and advantages of Push Notifications

Push notifications as a key feature

The push notification channel opens up new possibilities in terms of marketing and communication. Those who integrate a strategy efficiently take into account the context, time, and situation to ensure good acceptance of notifications among their users. Push notifications or not can be easily integrated into the communication plan of the brand or product. The perfect moment, relevance for the user, and emotions have set new standards in brand communication through apps, thanks to push notifications.

This is valid for “retail” with the objective of generating more sales, as well as for “branding” campaigns. Especially in the “retail” sector, communication via push works for, for example, temporary offer campaigns, since it has a lot of potentials to support marketing actions at the point of sale; and also, thanks to “Geo-Fencing”, depending on the need only in specific geographical areas.

Push messaging is often missing from the concept

With the above, it is not surprising that in almost all the specifications the push messaging point is included. However, a very clear push concept is often missing, which represents on the one hand a powerful infrastructure and implementation, and on the other hand, a professional use aimed at giving information value to the user. That is why the push issue can be very delicate for app developers.

What is the problem with push notifications?

Mobile App Push Notifications

For developers, as well as for app agencies, the push issue is time and time again a great complexity. They know that very intelligent push solutions can be made and that they will open many opportunities for their clients. Geo-location-based push, very fine segmentation, campaign automation, and sophisticated statistics are guaranteeing very specific targeting, thus ensuring ongoing optimization of the push strategy.

Costs and effort for push messaging

However, a push solution with such an extension has its price – and usually quite high for an App budget – so in the end there is no other option than to create a tool with little effort and low cost. In other words, a mediocre solution developed in the short time a developer usually has. Unfortunately, this path is unsatisfactory for both parties. The developer puts a lot of effort with little performance and the app operator has a push solution with few features and with which he can hardly create a push strategy with great value for the user.

So what is the way to take advantage of push notifications?

The answer: the use of a provider specialized in the development of a push platform that offers a smart push system at a fair price. Thus developers and application development agencies save time through a simple integration of this platform. Taking this path, the operators of an app are benefiting from an extensive and complete platform, allowing the use of push with the correct functionalities on any occasion.

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